Shernella Gaya


Dr. Beth Hirsch is a one of a kind, probably once in a lifetime type of veterinarian. A beautiful, kind, compassionate human being. In her care, animals are safe, of that I am sure. If you want a thorough, diligent, intelligent and empathic vet, she is the epitome of those traits. When she has seen my animals, I experienced magic with how she connects with them and nothing makes me happier than knowing they are not only patients to her, but whole beings that deserve true care. Dr. Hirsch listens, analyzes and presents multiple avenues to diagnose as well as multiple means of treatment. She is honest and trustworthy. I will forever be thankful to her for educating me, caring for my girls, caring about my concerns and always going above and beyond. We love you Dr Hirsch, always :)

Alyssa C


Brought my elder dog here when he started to have seizure episodes later in life with no specific cause (epileptic). The folks at Riverdale Integrative were compassionate, actively listened to my concerns and advised several herbal and preventative actions. His episodes went from weekly to monthly to sporadic (once every 6-7 months) and he’s 19 years old and doing great! Thank you Riverdale Integrative Vet Care!

Katherine Shafer


I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Kuo. I have been taking my dog to her for about a year now, and there's no one else I would trust. My dog struggles with allergies, yeast infections and recently Renal disease. Dr. Kuo works with me to create the best possible treatment plan that brings in herbal remedies, Chinese medicine and when necessary, Western medicine. She is incredibly knowledgeable in both alternative and traditional ways of healing. My dog also suffers from anxiety at the vet, but Dr. Kuo and her team make sure they have lots of treats and positive reinforcement to make my dog is as comfortable as possible during the visit. Dr. Kuo always takes time to answer my questions and I have never felt rushed or silly for asking things. I really feel she cares about my dog and her wellness. I trust & recommend Dr. Kuo wholeheartedly.

Vee Dek


We’ve been here for three treatments thus far for a tail-pull injury with paralysis and incontinence. Each appointment has been a different experience, met with unique challenges due to Tequila’s injury and temperament. The first was a breeze because she didn’t have any feeling. Today’s was the most challenging. Either she’s getting used to the process and fighting back or her nerves have begun to regenerate. I’m praying for the latter. Each appointment has been met with pure professionalism, courtesy, and respect for both my furbaby and myself. The variety of treatments they have available and the knowledge about and love of animals easily puts Riverdale above other vets. I highly recommend Riverdale, Dr. Kuo, and staff for all your furbaby’s needs.

Kimberly Bush


I brought my 15 month old Goldendoodle to Dr Kuo as a second opinion for what seemed to be a complex diarrhea problem. With the conventional vet, my pup endured a lot of diagnostic testing to rule things out, and was placed on a treatment plan for which I had many questions. Dr Kuo listened intently to my concerns and created a plan to get my pup better rather than to just rule out diagnoses. Our plan considered 4 options, beginning with bloodwork. At the same time, Dr Kuo considered what my other vet was using to treat the symptoms, and Dr Kuo helped me integrate these existing treatments with her treatment protocol. Once we received the results of the bloodwork back, I was able to implement the changes quickly and saw results. Dr Kuo has some tricks up her sleeve which helped us tremendously. Conventionally trained, she practices all aspects of veterinary medicine but her instinct to do less rather than more worked in our favor. She made what seemed like a complicated issue that was deeply affecting our pup and our family into a simple fix just by thinking outside of the box. We highly recommend Dr Kuo to troubleshoot any issue, and care for your pet with love and kindness.



Dr. Hirsch has been taking wonderful care of our dog, Abby, for the past 5 years. Abby is always excited to see Dr. Hirsch and loves her monthly chiropractic adjustments! Dr. Hirsch is very thorough, and always takes her time to look at issues from every possible angle. Because of her attention to detail, she has helped Abby get through several serious health issues. In addition, Dr. Hirsch’s passion for holistic health has allowed Abby’s treatment to include supplements and minimal medication. Dr. Hirsch answers all of our questions at the visit, and she’s also accessible by email as well, should something come up. Abby’s labwork results are always emailed to us with a detailed interpretation of what’s going on, and proposed treatment plan options for any issues shown in lab results. We truly appreciate everything Dr. Hirsch has done for us!

Kirstin Brown


Dr. Hirsch has been treating 3 of our cats for over 5 years. She is an amazing vet. She truly cares about her patients and spends time answering questions and listening to what I have to say as a pet parent. She is very knowledgeable about both holistic and western medicine and keeps up with the latest developments

Porscha Stepney


As a fur mom, the service, support and kindness is unmatched when you have to make that difficult decision to do what’s best for your fur baby. The utmost professionalism and empathy.

Aparna Srinivasan


Dr. Kuo is amazing. She treats both my dog and pig. Great holistic care. My dog is 16 and is running around like he's 6 because of Dr. Kuo's treatments

Jasimine Asplund


Our puppy had suffered a spinal fracture at just 5 month old. We were quoted outrageous prices for more imaging and for multiple surgeries and we looked into Riverdale Vet as an alternative to these and the pain medication treatment we were on. This place truly brought us a miracle. We have gotten to work with Dr. Kuo here as well as utilize their acupuncture needle treatment, a herbal blend, and laser treatment. We were so amazed after our first round of acupuncture and week of herbs. We have an absolutely healed puppy who now runs and jumps and plays just as she should. And we are taking our other pups here for allergy treatments. This place is truly a saving grace. Thank you so much for all you have done for us! Dr. Kuo, Ana and Megan!

Annmarie Borrelli


Very caring and compassionate. My elderly dog took a turn for the worse a day before Christmas. Riverdale Integrative Veterinary Care made time to help us. Dr Hernandez came to our house with kindness and compassion. She calmly spoke to us and gave us time to say goodbye. She made the final moments with our precious dog very peaceful. Thank you Riverdale Integrative Veterinary Care.

Jennifer Adams


Great vet. I have a rescue puppy who gets very nervous with strangers or unfamiliar people. They always do their best to make her comfortable and keep everyone safe. Better service for my doggo than I've gotten from some people doctors. Always leave feeling relieved about my puppy's health.


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